Pasta Emilia, Surry Hills - NSW - Australia

Some days are just fun days!  You can plan as best as you can plan, and then there are the moments you could never have planned. This past month I have been traveling a bit doing cooking shows, around Australia. I have met some wonderful people. In the midst of it all, I have had more 'not planned' moments unexpectedly delight me, than I have time to share. Always these moments are about people and food, passion and having fun, with timing that seems like it could never have been planned!

Yesterday was one of those fun days, yes we started with somewhat of a plan, and yet again the day ended joyously, reflecting on the unplanned bonuses that had eventuated! With my lovely friend Silvia, we took a new friend Sneh Roy, on an outing across the bridge (again!) to the other side, where great people and food abound.

After a stunning morning tea at Flour and Stone Bakery in Woolloomooloo, we followed up with a visit to Chef's Warehouse in Surry Hills, where we three left with armfuls of 'had to have' kitchen equipment. We had planned for lunch at Pasta Emilia in Surry Hills, a place I had been wanting to visit for sometime. I had met the owner of Pasta Emilia, gorgeous Anna Maria at Eveleigh Farmers' Market many times, selling her delightful hand made, organic pasta and sauces. I had heard she had a location in Surry Hills where you could buy her products, dine in, as well as learn the art of pasta making in her cooking school. 
'Anna Maria Eoclidi has been making pasta her whole life, pursuing her passion to produce a variety of products using only the finest organic ingredients. The traditional recipes come from Emilia, the Italian region famous for fresh pasta, parmigiano, balsamic and prosciutto. There are few, if any tracks of land with better foodie pedigree.'

Pasta Emilia turned out to be such an appealing little place to dine. As we walked in I loved everything I saw, the simple rustic furniture, coloured panelled walls and vibrant fresh flowers. Anna Maria's warm welcome, meant it felt like we belonged here. Before we could choose a table, our threesome turned into a 'fivesome' when we unexpectedly ran into another two passionate foodies Hetty McKinnon and Erika. We all knew who one another were in the food world, and from social media life we had watched from a far what each of us were doing, but we had never all met face to face. These two lovelies were planning a quiet shared lunch together to tackle some work. But all that changed in an instant. Our chance meeting just added to our Pasta Emilia experience, as the stories and laughter flowed, while we all shared a table together for lunch. Oh and did I mention how good the pasta was amongst such exuberant distractions, it was superb...needless to say I'll be going back for more!

Pasta Emilia
259 Riley Street,
Surry Hills
t: 9212 1069
Open Tuesday to Sunday for lunch and Wednesday to Saturday for dinner.