The Nook - Nourishing Wholefoods

Seemingly out of nowhere just a couple of months ago, this welcoming little cafe The Nook arrived on the landscape of the community-minded suburb, and strip of local shops, that is Elanora Heights. Suddenly we have a place to eat and drink, that you'd be more likely to find in Bondi or Avalon. Owners Carla and Adam have risen to the suburban challenge and created a cosy, colourful cafe space, serving up some really delicious and nourishing food for breakfast and lunch. The wait for a table for lunch and weekend breakfasts, plus the buzz of smiling locals, clearly happy not to have to drive across the bridge or around the bends for a decent whole food menu, is an early indication, that this new addition to the Northern beaches food scene has been very well received.

Carla, a registered nurse, with a love for cooking nourishing food, has a passion to see people eat well and live well. Carla says 'If people eat well, they have more opportunity to stay well and less chance of ending up in hospital, fighting diet related diseases.' So she has left working as a nurse, where she was helping the sick to recover and has instead become a health coach and cafe owner, trying to offer good food and education, that in it's essence encourages people to choose more nourishing options and decide to look after their own health. 

Now with all this talk of healthy, you maybe expecting broccoli soup with lentil crackers, you're maybe imagining food bland to the core... and thinking I'll leave it to the herbal hippies! No, no, no it's not true, I have found the food at The Nook is full of flavour, texture, colour and creativity, nourishing to the core and delicious too! I know you'll love it!

From Mexican Baked EggsZucchini, Corn and Haloumi Fritters, to the Nookie Roll or the Slow Roasted Lamb Bruschetta, amazing smoothies, coffee, cold pressed juices, organic teas and a range of raw desserts, you'll be spoilt for choice. Oh and while you're there... look out for the friendly humans!

The Nook Wholefoods
Shop 2/69 Kalang Road,
Elanora Heights 2101 NSW
Open 7 days - 7am - 4pm