Naked Food News!

Goodness me, so much has been happening, it is hard to know where to start! 

First and foremost, it is most exciting and humbling to report, that the first print run of two thousand copies of Naked Food Cookbook is pretty much sold out, just nine months since it was released! Considering the current momentum and interest in the book, we have decided to reprint another run.

I have also decided to rebrand at this point, from Jane COOKS to Jane Grover, simply to help finish the ongoing confusion, as to what my name actually is..... Jane Cooks or Jane Grover!?! So Jane Grover it will now be!

So what's next...well we have now signed distribution agreements in both Australia and New Zealand, meaning that from the beginning of October 2013, Naked Food Cookbook will now be available in all good bookshops within Australia and New Zealand. I'll be continuing to market and promote the book myself with more cooking demonstrations, book talks and signings, travelling to new places to do so for the next three months.

Then we are off on a long planned and well deserved break. A three month coastal road trip from Sydney to Perth and back again, camping, boating, fishing and relaxing, which we've planned for Dec 2013 - Feb 2014.