Finally...Naked Food the cookbook is complete!

When self publishing a book, apparently producing the book is only half the job, the other half of the job is to sell what you produced! I am happy to let you all know, that I am now halfway! Following the photo shoot of all ninety seven recipes in the cookbook, there were many, many hours spent with my designer Nicky, laying out the book, organising photos and illustrations, finalising the page numbering, choosing a front and back cover etc.etc.

Oh and then there was the index...with help from recipe editor Tracy, the index was also compiled. After many hours of research the 'where to shop and eat' and 'markets guides' were finalised. Then myself, along with a handful of generous friends, began the extensive process of proof reading, which was a whole lot more tedious and time consuming than I had anticipated!!!

Finally the files went down to Victoria last week for the colour management team to process all the images, illustrations and colour, running throughout the 248 pages of the cookbook. The colour proofs then arrived back to me in Sydney, so I could do a final check and proof read. Once I was happy with the final proofs, I approved the colour proofs and the completed file and then they were sent to the printer in Hong Kong last Friday!

There is one more approval for me to do in about 10 days time, and that will then give the printer the go ahead to proceed to print. In the meantime, while I wait for it to be printed and shipped to our shores... I begin the second half of the sell the cookbook!

I am of course eager to share Naked Food - the way food was meant to be with you all. I am forever thankful to my invaluable super team, who have ably assisted me in producing and self publishing, my first cookbook. Below is a brief preview, from the very talented food photographer Steve Brown, which he posted in his recent industry newsletter.

For those of you who would like to help with the second half of the job...that is by purchasing a copy...the cookbook will be available for pre order end of August 2012 and released for sale in October 2012. Hardcover 240 pages RRP $49.95